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Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

This story is set in the Kuzan Republic. The defense minister, who will take part in a meeting of the Next-generation Weapon Coordination Council, has ordered an advance onsite inspection. Ride participants are tasked with providing escort while securing an inspection route in “Public Security Section 9”, where Motoko Kusanagi serves as leader. Riders will use the hexaRide vehicle to enter cyberspace and, serving as a “Public Security Section 9” agent, join in an attack on anti-government forces.


Members of the Public Security Section 9


Motoko Kusanagi

Motoko is a fully prosthetic body cyborg without a human body practically since birth. She is a super wizard-level hacker and established her own military unit. Team call her “Major.”



Having a prosthetic body with “sleepless eye”, he previously served in a military special forces unit. He is battle-hardened with a long military career,and is especially competent at electronic warfare. It seems that he met Kusanagi on a battlefield.



Former Marine ace sniper. Having a prosthetic body specialized in shooting, his “Hawkeye” with a satellite-connected ocular system using a left prosthetic eye enables long-range ballistic sniping. He loves gambling.



Former army police investigator. He is good at hand-to-hand combat using a knife, etc. Leveraging the experience cultivated through undercover investigations, he is good at deceiving people. He was looking for a place to utilize his abilities within an old-fashioned organization.



A former special member of the Army Airborne Artillery Section 1 where he had carried out special tasks, etc., dealing with explosives. He also has high-level electronic warfare technology ability and Internet investigation ability. Behind the tough appearance, he is a person with a sensitive personality.



Transport assistance vehicle for Infantry Logistics with thermo-optical camouflage that can carry weapons and ammunition inside its container. It identifies the commander and has AI that enables autonomous support of the commander. It appears as an avatar in the cyberworld.

About “Ghost in the Shell”

The near future is a world where people’s intentions are connected to an “cyberbrain” through advancement in information network and cyborg prosthetic technology. An independent task-force organized under the “Public Security Section 9” known as “Ghost in the Shell” was formed in order to detect and deal with a rash of cyberbrain crimes. Major Motoko Kusanagi, with a complete prosthetic body, and “rogues” with a past fight against evil criminals. Since the release of the original manga by Shirow Masamune, “Ghost in the Shell” has been adapted into several animated works and a major Hollywood movie, and has influenced many artists as a world-renowned SF classic.


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